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air conditioning ac installation webster penfield nyIf you’re looking to enjoy your home in a whole new level of comfort this summer, call Jamison Schindler Heating & Cooling for air conditioning installation. You’ll experience both the luxury and practical benefits of an efficient cooling system without stressing your budget. In recent years, manufacturers have answered the demand for affordable temperature control with improved system longevity, energy efficiency and warranty coverage, making the investment more affordable than ever.

Air Conditioning Installation in Penfield, NY | AC Installation

We’ve all noticed condensation on window panes, drinking glasses and mirrors, especially in the summer. Unfortunately, this can result in water damage, mold, mildew, bacteria and insects that thrive in humidity. Air polluted by bacteria is a health concern, triggering coughing, sneezing, itchy eyes, sore throat, frequent headaches, nausea and even bronchitis. Growing concerns over indoor air quality have led to developments in humidity control. Through a filter dryer system and the option to run in dry-mode, your air conditioner will remove stickiness and circulate clean, healthy air throughout your home.

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High humidity levels cause you to feel warmer. By controlling indoor moisture, you’ll be comfortable at a higher temperature, which saves money on utility bills. And since excess humidity has been proven to decrease productivity, you’ll enjoy more energy and benefit from a peaceful night’s sleep. Jamison Schindler Heating & Cooling also offers ENERGY STAR rated options, to help you get the most out your cooling dollar.

Modern air conditioning options aren’t the noisy monsters you may remember from years ago. Today’s systems utilize cutting-edge technology to provide whisper-quiet operation through two-stage compressors, deluxe sound blanket and improved fan-blade shape. With central air, you’ll also keep windows closed, shutting out noise pollution and eliminating the security risk of flimsy screens.

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Jamison Schindler Heating & Cooling installs the leading manufacturers of cooling equipment, ensuring maximum cooling power, unprecedented efficiency ratings, comforting warranties and reliable durability. Our fully insured, EPA certified, extensively trained technicians provide free estimates and consultations to determine the exact and most efficient fit to your specific cooling needs. To learn about financing options and our senior citizen discount, call (585) 671-3850 and speak to a courteous professional. As a family owned and operated business, serving the HVAC needs of Webster NY since 2010, we’re extremely proud of an ongoing tradition of honesty, integrity and excellence. When you trust Jamison Schindler Heating & Cooling with your residential or commercial cooling, you’ll understand why the competition just can’t measure up to our level of service.

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